Membership and Application

Membership Conditions

Every natural and legal person who has the capacity to act, adopts the aims and principles of the association and accepts to work in this direction and meets the conditions stipulated by the legislation has the right to become a member of this association. However, foreign natural persons must also have the right to settle in Turkey in order to become a member. This condition does not apply to honorary membership.

The membership application to be made in writing to the chairmanship of the association is decided by the board of directors of the association in the form of acceptance or rejection of the request within maximum thirty days and the result is notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be kept for this purpose.

The original members of the association are the founders of the association and the persons accepted to membership by the board of directors upon their application.

Those who have provided significant financial and moral support to the association may be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors.

When the number of branches of the association is more than three, the membership records of those registered at the headquarters of the association are transferred to the branches. New membership applications are made to the branch. Acceptance to membership and removal from membership are made by the branch administrative boards and are notified to the Headquarters in a letter within thirty days at the most.

Each member has the right to leave the association, provided that he or she notifies him in writing. As soon as the resignation letter of the member reaches the board of directors, the exit procedures are deemed to be completed. Resignation from membership does not end the accumulated debts of the member to the association.

If you have questions about membership, you can fill out the pre-application form. If you want to start the membership process right away, you can download the appropriate form from the forms below, fill in the necessary information, and share it with us via mail (our address information is available on the contact page). 

Pre-Membership Form


    Individual Membership

    Academic or professional employees and entrepreneurs who conduct research and develop projects in the fields of Engineering, Science, Design can apply to become a member of our association. Students can also apply to our association as individual members. (There is no entrance fee from the students, the membership fee is discounted.)

    Corporate Membership

    We aim to create an interdisciplinary cooperation platform with the Open Innovation Association. In this process, we aim to have institutions of different scales, which carry out research and development in different sectors and develop innovative projects, to become members of our association and to realize our mission together.