Our projects

HacknBreak Open Innovation Camps

It is a new generation event format that will bring together thousands of participants and subject experts who are in love with technology, science and design at OpenCampus with different themes starting this year. 

Open Innovation Conferences

It is Turkey's first Open Innovation Conference, where industries, the public and academia meet, and individuals, communities and institutions share their science, technology and design agendas.


OpenCampus open-minded individuals and communities interested in science, technology and design; It is a new generation living space project that brings together learning, producing, working and resting together.

Open Innovation Platform

Within the scope of the Open Innovation Platform project, our association aims to transform its stakeholder network into a cooperation platform that focuses on interdisciplinary solutions and shares its innovative experience and knowledge to contribute to social and economic development. During the implementation of this project, 3 workshops, 2 conferences will be held and 3 workshop report printouts will be produced. In addition, during the implementation of the project, it is aimed to translate and publish the European Union's Open Innovation / OpenScience vision and best practices books into Turkish.

Related Files

You can download our presentation by clicking the link below for detailed information about the projects we have realized in cooperation with the Open Innovation Association.