Commission and Working Groups

Information about the commissions and working groups affiliated to the commissions is shared here. This information is constantly updated. If you want to work in any of these commissions or working groups, you can apply by filling out the form below.
It is the commission that will coordinate the activities to be carried out jointly with universities, institutes and non-governmental organizations carrying out academic studies. Commission members are selected from scientists and lecturers. It presents the activities of universities on open science, open innovation and R/D in annual reports. Represents our association and our activities in academic institutions and organizations.

This commission carries out the planning and execution of projects targeting children, youth and educators in order to develop innovation and open innovation culture and increase technology literacy in Turkey.

Coordination and coordination with NGOs in project partnership in foreign countries, especially the European Union and its institutions, is the area of responsibility of this commission. The activities of the association, translations of publications and reports into different languages are also managed by this commission.

It is the commission that oversees all legal processes, internal and external correspondence of the Open Innovation Association, and the legal compliance of project partnerships. Lawyer members of the association support this commission.

It works on issues such as announcing the Open Innovation Association to the press and broadcasting organs, managing its relations with media institutions, sharing press releases periodically, announcing the activities of the association on the web and social media pages, and protecting the corporate identity. Annual report designs and preparation of infographics are also under the responsibility of this commission.

This commission, which works under the treasurer of the Open Innovation Association, manages the income and expense status of the association, purchasing and bid collection processes. Manages member dues and donations, project partnerships, and fund resources. Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual economic activity reports and shares them with the management of the association.

All national and international events and conferences organized by our association and jointly with stakeholders are planned and conducted by this commission.

It communicates with different sectors and business lines in Turkey and works on analysis, problem definition and solutions in order to develop innovative approaches for these areas. It provides support to increase the visibility of innovative projects or services of Startup, SME, Obi and Large companies.

It works to share the data created by institutions and organizations operating in Turkey with a data-based business model with the public. Plans and reports research and development activities to develop data-driven services.

It is the commission responsible for the management of all the projects carried out within our association and the projects realized together with the stakeholders. The management of local, national and international fund and grant projects is also carried out by this commission.

The main fields of activity of the Open Innovation Association are technology, basic sciences, as well as areas such as ecology and clean energy. This commission monitors and reports awareness, literacy and innovation processes in the fields of environment and sustainability both in the activities and projects of the association.

Open Innovation Association aims to be a hardworking and constantly renewing non-governmental organization consisting of qualified, business-oriented members who have adopted the objectives of the association for its sustainable development. This commission plans and organizes the training of the permanent members, candidate members, commissions and boards, as well as human resources strategy and association employees.

Application to Commissions and Working Groups
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