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It was established to create a platform that will enable the sharing of innovative experiences and knowledge to contribute to social and economic development and the development of collaborations.

In 2015, the Open Innovation Association initiative was founded by scientists, technology developers, R&D engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, educators and from different industries, with the aim of spreading the open innovation culture and approach that meet on the common denominator of "We are smarter than me". It started with the gathering of representatives of individuals, groups and NGOs. In 2016, Turkey's first open innovation event and one of the most original technology events, “HacknBreak: 1st Open Innovation Camp and Conference” was held at İzmir Institute of Technology. Association activities were initiated in 2016. Purpose, general principles, organizational strategy were discussed and documents were prepared. In 2016, the principles, goals and vision of the “Open Innovation Association” were shared with close to one hundred representatives of institutions and communities, and feedback was collected through one-on-one meetings. In January 2017, the legal procedure was initiated for the “Open Innovation Association”. In April 2017, work was started for the OpenCampus project, which is the main settlement where the Open Innovation Association will operate. 2017, 19-27 August, “2. HacknBreak: Open Innovation Camp and Conference” was held. In September 2017, preparations began for the 3rd Open Innovation Camp and Conference, which aims to be the first international Open Innovation event in 2018.

We work to produce, learn, share and develop together. 









Experienced Team

It continues its activities with the focus of continuing the projects that take care of public benefit and realizing new ones with its founder and management staff and members experienced in the institutional and academic fields.

Strong Collaborations

It establishes strong collaborations in corporate, individual and academic fields and uses these collaborations as leverage in its projects for public benefit.

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