Our Purposes

To share the innovative experiences and knowledge gained by individuals and institutions engaged in production, derivation, research and development in fields such as science, technology, industry, agriculture, energy, design, health and education in Turkey, and to develop collaborations in order to contribute to social and economic development. It was established to create a platform to provide

Open Innovation Association aims to develop social benefit and volunteer-based projects targeting youth, children and educators in order to spread the open innovation culture and approach.

Main Goals of Open Innovation Association:

✓ To contribute to the dissemination of open access culture and open innovation philosophy in order to increase science and technology, R&D and innovation studies efficiently in the public, private sector and academia in our country,

✓ Gathering individuals, institutions and organizations related to technology, research and development, design, science and innovation, creating open innovation awareness,

✓ Developing ideas and methods on technology, R&D, science and innovation related standards, terminology, education, legal regulations, working conditions,

✓ To produce periodicals, books, digital materials to develop policies on open innovation and open access in the fields of technology, R&D, science and innovation,

✓ To organize training, seminars, conferences, technology events and camps related to open innovation and open access in the fields of technology, R&D, science and innovation, and to organize the Open Innovation Camp and Conference every year with national and international participation for this purpose,

✓ To organize training, seminars and camps in cooperation with institutions and organizations providing education at primary, high school and university level in order to spread the open innovation culture and approach,

✓ To develop interdisciplinary methods by prioritizing the public interest in technology, research and development, science and innovation,

✓ To carry out joint events and publications with institutions and organizations that carry out awareness studies on open source and free software philosophy, which feeds the concept of open innovation,

✓ To carry out awareness studies on the dissemination of free licenses such as MIT, Affero, Apache, GNU, GPL, Creative Commons, BSD, FDL, LGPL, Mozilla, and to carry out technical, scientific and legal research,

✓ Developing open innovation and open access approach projects and workshops with the Ministries of the Republic of Turkey and the undersecretariats and working units affiliated to these ministries, on the subject of innovation and open innovation, directly or indirectly,

✓ To create platforms with the aim of providing open access to research and development outputs made with public funds, to work on strategies to increase the efficiency of these funds,

✓ To conduct market research on innovation and open innovation in Turkey, to publish them, to determine a sectoral index and to promote it,

✓ Developing platforms and processes that will facilitate the design of innovative products and services by entrepreneurs and SME-scale businesses,

✓ To be a member of institutions representing European and World Technology and innovation fields established for similar purposes and to carry out international activities by working in partnership with these organizations,

✓ Providing financial and moral support to students in need with the aim of supporting education, to ensure that they grow up as successful individuals; Organizing campaigns to spread the importance of innovation and open innovation in education,

✓ To create platforms to achieve a common goal with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the association and are not prohibited by law.

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