Sustainable Green Campus Seminars Begin – IZTECH

Sustainable Green Campus Seminars Begin – IZTECH

As İzmir Institute of Technology Sustainable Green Campus Coordinatorship, we organize a series of online events in order to reach a sustainable future in our country and all over the world. The main purpose of these events is, on the one hand, to evaluate the highlights of the sustainability axis in these days when the pandemic agenda points to a brand new future, and on the other hand, to better understand what we have to do in different fields in terms of sustainability.

We start these events with our Sustainable Green Campus Seminars! We are hosting 4 important names in May. Our speakers will make presentations on the online platform through Microsoft teams, our online education platform, and answer the questions posed by the participants.

For the registration: Microsoft Teams Team Code: xt1awhy

(To log in from the link, you must be logged into your browser from your office365 account.)

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