We Implemented Hack4Mobility with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

We Implemented Hack4Mobility with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

  • 14/01/2020
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Hack4Mobility is a series of transportation themed events that we organize with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. As the first of these activities, an Ideathon was held between 11-12 January 2020, taking the Alsancak region as a sample, with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation.

This ideathon was carried out with an interdisciplinary approach by subject experts and participants from the fields of design, architecture, city planning, software, basic sciences, and it was aimed to “rethink, design and express” the Alsancak Region with the Slow City/Metropolitan approach.

Participants worked for Alsancak in “Hack4Mobility Ideathon İzmir”, which we organized in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. During the 36-hour idea marathon, many projects were produced for bicycle and pedestrian transportation. 

This ideathon focuses on optimization in transportation, creation of new routes, reduction of traffic, creative parking solutions, inclusion of new and environmentally friendly vehicles in urban life, pedestrian right, improvement of the right to quality life of stray animals, utilization of idle areas, reduction of garbage problem, improvement of traffic-signalization, sound Reducing light pollution, reducing carbon emissions, contributing to urban aesthetics, increasing green areas, improving the quality of life of refugees and disadvantaged citizens, disseminating charging stations for disabled vehicles, increasing car sharing, urban garden, increasing wi-fi network, improving common areas, sharing and increasing the solidarity economy, protecting the historical, urban heritage, etc. 270 people from different disciplines applied to develop interdisciplinary and holistic solutions in subjects such as design, architecture, city planning, social sciences, software and basic sciences.

“Are you ready to think and design together for a happy city?” In the event held with the slogan, approximately 250 participants were divided into 17 teams. The groups examined the streets of Alsancak, which was determined as the pilot area, on the first day and prepared their projects under the consultancy of 40 experts during the night. On the second day, the participants presented their projects to a 17-person jury consisting of academics, private sector representatives and the neighborhood headmen of the Alsancak region. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak and Head of Transportation Department Mert Yaygel also took part in the jury.


As a result of the evaluation, "Kent'iligi" team came first, "Interdisciplinary" team came second and "Team Symrna" came third. The group named Çakıl was deemed worthy of the Open Innovation Award.

Members of the first team were rewarded with a 3D printer. The second group was given a three-dimensional mouse and the third group was given a graphic tablet. The team members who won the Open Innovation Award won the Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit used in robotic coding.


Soyer said, “We want to create a happy İzmir together in every field. Under the smart city umbrella, we want to facilitate and increase pedestrian and bicycle transportation, public transportation, which is one of the sine qua non of sustainable transportation. We dream of minimizing carbon emissions from motor vehicles and motor vehicle traffic. Competitors here look at the city from a very different perspective. Maybe he sees what we can't see. That's why the valuable and special ideas that come out of this will shed light on our services and new projects.”


Creating new routes in transportation, reducing traffic, finding creative parking solutions, improving pedestrian rights, improving the right to quality life of stray animals, making use of idle areas, reducing garbage problem, improving traffic signaling systems, reducing sound-light pollution, reducing carbon emissions, with idea marathons. It is aimed to develop interdisciplinary and holistic solutions on issues such as improving the quality of life of refugees and disadvantaged citizens, expanding the charging stations for disabled vehicles, increasing the sharing and solidarity economy, and protecting the historical/urban heritage.

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